Skating Video of the Week

To get you warmed up for the Men's competition, my favorite short of the season - Adam Rippon's own personal rave on ice.  Men's Short starts 2/15/18 at 5pm PST Coaches: Rafael Arutunian, Vera Arutunian, Nadia Kanaeva Choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle

Watch them tonight (2/13/18 5pm - PST) in the Olympics! Their wonderful Free Skate from 2017 Europeans.  It earned them a bronze medal. Coaches: John Zimmerman, Jeremy Barrett

Great program! By finishing 6th at Nebelhorn Trophy, he will become Malaysia's first competitor ever at the Winter Olympics. Coach: Michael Hopfes, Doug Leigh Choreographer: Michael Hopfes (FS)

Simply the best! Kurt Browning, Scott Hamilton, Paul Wylie - Masters of Footwork on Ice

This is the kind of skate you dream of doing at the Olympics. At the time the youngest ladies' Olympic figure skating champion and the youngest individual gold medalist Coach: Richard Callaghan Choreographer: Sandra Bezic

They changed my mind with this program. Before this I thought they were completely overrated - this is great FD. Choreographed by: Marie-France Dubreuil, David Wilson

Shoma Uno - Lombardia Trophy 2017. This young man is DETERMINED to win the Olympics, not even clean and he scored 214.97 in the FS! Love watching him skate.  Coach: Machiko Yamada, Mihoko Higuchi

Amazing pair's 4th Olympics, that thru sacrifice and dedication earned China's first Olympic Pair Gold medal breaking Russia's 46yr streak. Coaches: Yao Bin Choreographer:Lori Nichol

One of the amazing young ones coming up thru the ranks in Russia (and this only got 4th!). Coaches: Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakov

Love this pair! They're the definition of "if you love it, do it"! She's 37, quit skating and came back years later. Coach: Alexander Markuntsov Choreographer: Mark Hanretty

Kurt Browning - Singing in the Rain. Sometimes it's not about triples and quads, but artistry.

Not even eligible for ISU Juniors until 2019-20 season, she just posted the highest score (168.70) for Junior Ladies of the warm up/non-qualifying season so far. She skates for St. Moritz ISC

As Mao Asada announces retirement, a look back that will always have her in the record books: the only woman to land three triple axels in competition. She did this at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010, First one in the Short Program. Coach: Jeanetta Folle, Taitana Tarasova Choreographer: Tatiana Tarasova