Skating Video of the Week

Love this team!  They just float. Scheherazade is one of my favorite freedances, and their first lift is nothing short of amazing. Coach: Marina Zueva, Oleg Epstein; Choreographer: Marina Zueva, Oleg Epstein

Probably the program eveyone thinks of when they think of Jason Brown it earned him 1st in the Freeskate and 2nd place overall at 2014 US Nationals Coach: Kori Ade (who's been his coach since he was 5!); Choreographer: Rohene Ward

A record setting Olympic Gold Medal performance, and the first South Korean to win an winter Olympic Gold Medal outside of speed skating. Coach: Brian Orser

I could watch her jump and spin all day! Her short program, a WR score. Coaches: Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov | Choreographers: Daniil Gleikhengauz, Ilia Averbukh

Beautiful! European Championships - Pairs Freeskate. Coaches: Alexander König, Jean-Francois Ballester | Choreographers: John Kerr, Silvia Fontana

I love this pair program! It's not just skating from element to element, it's almost a free dance with pair elements. Coaches: Nina Mozer, Stanislav Morozov

A team I always root for! Their showmanship is off the charts, and the show always starts before the program does, They're always in character, and always look like they're doing what they love. Coaches: Carol and Jon Lane, J. Razguliaevs, R. Bradshaw  Choreographer: Carol Lane, Juris Razguliaevs