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There's no definite age a child can start ice skating, every child developes physical coordination differently, but usually a child can usually start learning the basics around 3 1/2 or 4 years old. The motor skills necessary for child to learn to skate are walking (It has to be normal walking not tippy toe walking), and a pretty good sense of balance. They also need to be able to be old enough to be engaged, mimic actions and follow basic instructions.

Ice skating is not just a wonderful way to engage in a fun physical activity that will help your child improve balance and coordination ob and off the ice. Ice skating will also help them sharpen their mental focus, and help your child build confidence by helping them set goals and achieve them.

If you're in the South Bay area in Los Angeles, The Skating Edge Ice Arena offers group classes every 8 weeks.  You can find out more here.

If you're not near the South Bay, you can look up your local Learn To Skate program by clicking here.

Group lessons not a setting your child would enjoy?  Do they learn better one on one?  Your child can also learn to skate by taking private lessons from a figure skating coach.  Contact your local ice rink for list of Ice Skating coaches. If you're in the South Bay area in Los Angeles, I do work with all levels and ages, from beginner to elite, at The Skating Edge Ice Arena in Harbor City. Contact me for more information on a private lesson to get your child started ice skating!