...What Is A Short Program and Long Program?

The skater just finished their "Freeskate (aka. Long Program)" and have gotten their marks for their long program, and now that point total is being added to a "Short Program" score to come up with their final score.  What's the short program (and when did that happen...)?

Competitors actually skate two programs - a Short Program*, and a Long (or Freeskate) Program*.  Each program is a different length with different technical/required elements. The Short Program is usually skated 2 days prior to the Long Program. The Short Progam is judged in a similar manner to the Long Program with Elements and their execution making up the Technical Mark, and a Program Component Score.  The total (Segment Score) from the Short is added to the point total (Segment Score) from the Long Program for the final score.  The highest total score wins.

*In Dance it's the Short Dance and Free Dance